Why Did This Man Allow A Stranger to Hug and Hold Him? Touching Moment…




What Godfrey Coutto thought was an ordinary bus ride turned out to be an event that will last a lifetime.

Last week, the 21-year-old student from Ontario boarded a crowded express bus. Minutes later, he was approached by a man whom he had never met before. His name was Robert.

All of a sudden, Robert started shaking Godfrey’s hand and would not let go. The student thought it was some kind of a prank, but he soon realized why the middle-aged man was doing that.





Robert has cerebral palsy. He is also deaf. So as soon as Godfrey realized that Robert has special needs, he just allowed him to shower him with love and care, allowing him to lean on him for comfort and hugging him throughout the journey.

At first, Godfrey was shocked when Robert came near him. He even freaked out because of his forwardness. But still, he decided to do something that others would not dare to do.

“This was my first time encountering such a thing. I thought, you know what, I’m just going to allow it. I’ll let him do his thing. I’ll comfort him,” he said.

The next thing that happened was simply amazing. Fortunately, it was also caught on camera.







In an effort to thank him for his kindness, Robert’s niece reached out to Godfrey.

She explained that Robert usually gets rejected by strangers, which Godfrey witnessed himself. While trying to get off the bus, he saw Robert approach another man, asking for a hug, but the man just pushed him  away.




Although most people would reject this type of interaction, he knew the best way to handle the situation in a humane way was to allow him to do what he needed.

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