Why Kennels in Ohio Animal Shelter Are All Empty …Fantastic Reason!

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While most animal shelters these days are having difficulties finding permanent homes for cats and dogs, the Summit County Animal Control in Akron, Ohio, is faced with a different problem—this month, all their kennels are completely empty.



On November 7, they hosted their annual “adopt-a-thon,” which unexpectedly ended with all animals having new families. Well, who wouldn’t want to hear this sort of news?

Friends of Summit County Animal Control



For six years, the Summit County’s animal control team holds an annual adopt-a-thon at its facility, which is participated by lots of families who want to take home some new furry pals.

The shelter’s director,  Christine Fatheree, recalled that people started lining up outside the venue at 6:30 a.m. Within two hours since the event started, all 93 animals were adopted.



Friends of Summit County Animal Control

But the adoption wasn’t the only part that made the event special. It was the anonymous elderly couple who helped find homes for all the animals.

According to reports, the first 50 adoptions were sponsored by the couple, who are unable to get pets of their own but wanted to give families the perfect life companion.



Here’s a short clip that features two pooches at Friends of Summit County Animal Control:


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