Why You Don’t Have to Eat Thanksgiving Alone …Free For the Lonely




A restaurant owner in Michigan has a very special offer this coming Thanksgiving. He offers free meals for those who don’t have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with.

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An unsuspecting passerby snapped a photo of a sign that was posted in one of the windows of George’s Senate Coney Island, saying that the restaurant would cater to those who are feeling lonely on Thanksgiving. The photo got posted on Imgur and surprisingly gathered so much attention. Looks like the restaurant needs to expect a lot of visitors on that day then.



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“Good Guy George,” says someone who commented on the photo.

Nick Duggar commented, “Having had my last 3 thanksgivings alone, this actually almost made me cry.”




George Dimopoulus, an immigrant who owns Senate Coney Island and Restaurant has been giving out free Thanksgiving feasts for people who have no family and friends for 10 years now.


George said in an interview, “The reason I do this is because I was alone one time. I remember the good times and bad times.”


George became a stow away when he was just 12. He can clearly recall begging for food on the cold streets of Athens, Greece.



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He admits that he loses a couple of bucks each year, but it’s nothing compared to what he does for his lonely neighbors that have no one to celebrate with during the holiday.



Check out the videos below.

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