Winning Touchdown Scored by a Boy with Down Syndrome

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Gabe White is an eight year old boy with Down syndrome who made a successful touchdown during the final game of the season between two high school football team in Wisconsin.

Gabe White

According to one of his interviews in ABC 13, Gabe dreamed of playing in the Rhinelander High School football team where his older brother, Owen White, is a player.

After the final game of the season October last year which was won by Mosinee High School, Gabe was called to the field as the team’s honorary captain for Rhinelander Hodags to play against Mosinee.

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Gabe White going to the ball

Gabe White running on the field


The crowd cheered as Gabe run his way to the end zone while the opponents put-on some dives to tackle him. His brother was behind him all throughout his race.

Players falling down as they chases Gabe White

When he made it to the end line, Gabe was lifted by the players and there was loud cheering from the audience.

On the interview by NBC 12, Coach Mark Apfel mentioned it was a big minute for everyone in the field that brought the coaches into tears. His brother Owen also recalled Gabe’s affection when he hugs the players during their losing games.

In this heartwarming moment for a child suffering with Down syndrome, these football players will be remembered for their great show of sportsmanship and for turning Gabe’s dream into reality and Gabe will always remember this big minute where he hit the goal and joined two teams together as one.



Watch the amazing moment in the young boy’s life in this clip.



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