Winter Jackets For Those in Need …See the Unique Way They Donated


Brace yourselves, winter is coming! It’s that time of the year again where everyone gets to play with snow and wear their favorite snow caps, scarfs, gloves, boots, and jacket!

However, not everyone will be happy about the start of the winter season because there are those who will have to endure the freezing temperature without having anything to protect themselves. They can’t even afford to buy the cheapest of jackets.

But fortunately, the world still has a lot of people willing to give love during this chilly season.


But here is a scene that you don’t get to see every day: winter scarves and jackets tied around power poles and light posts in Halifax. But these clothes aren’t lost items. The apparels were gifts from a neighboring community and were tied to poles by a team of kindhearted Samaritans.

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On Sunday, Jayda Atkins, 7, traveled with her parents and friends to downtown Halifax all the way from their home in Caledonia. They came to the place to help those in need by handing out hats, scarves, mitts, and winter coats.




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A total of seven coats were given away by the group. Then they tied the remaining apparels around poles. A tag was attached to each of the clothing that read, “I am not lost. If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm.”

The items were donated by their family and friends in Caledonia, according to Tara Atkins, Jayda’s mother. They intended to distribute them to the people within their hometown, situated about 150 kilometers west of Halifax. But they soon realized that the need for these apparels wasn’t that serious in their area, so they ended up bringing the clothing to the city.

Tara told CTV Atlantic on Monday, “We went with the intent to give clothing to anyone we saw who may need winter clothing, and we also hung the remainder of it on light poles and power poles.”

Tara also shared that the endeavor was meant to teach the girls the value of gratitude and charity.

She further explained, “When we were going yesterday, with a group of young girls who don’t always know how fortunate they are, we thought it was a really good opportunity for them to see. We just want to put out there that there’s always help to be found. I don’t want anybody to ever feel hopeless.”

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Tara Atkins’s husband, Zachary Atkins, relayed that the family felt it was important to give back to others in need since they also received help from others in the past. He said, “We’ve had help from others when we were in need, and we knew how great it made us feel.”

Regardless if they’re homeless or not, Tara Atkins said that she does not concern herself about the fact that anyone, who’s not homeless, could just take the clothing since they are placed in public places. She explained, “I’m not just saying it has to be homeless people, you know, someone who may work may need that jacket and not be able to afford it.”

Their efforts have truly paid off because they found out days after that all the power poles and light posts were bare. With that, it appears that the scarves, mitts, and jackets had found new homes and owners that they can provide warmth to.



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