Chilean Woman Adopts Dead Babies for a Heartwarming Reason

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In Chile, there is a medical law that labels aborted babies as human wastes, so they are dumped in trash. Haunted by the sight of babies getting thrown away, a Chilean woman started adopting dead infants in order to give them a proper burial.

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It all started 12 years ago when Bernarda Gallardo read the news of a newborn baby girl thrown in the garbage. Deeply saddened by the horrific news, Gallardo knew she must do something.

During that time, she planned to adopt a child and thought that the baby in the news could have been her own baby. That was when Gallardo decided to give the baby girl a proper funeral. Gallardo named the baby Aurora even before seeing the deceased newborn.



However, obtaining Aurora’s dead body proved to be difficult. Chile’s process with aborted babies is harsh. If the baby isn’t claimed by its immediate or related family members, then its classified as waste and dumped together with other hospital rubbish. Fortunately, Gallardo intervened just in time to stop the authorities from disposing Aurora’s body.


In Chile, abortion is illegal, and if a mother is found to be aborting her baby, she will be imprisoned for five years. This is why the babies are just thrown in dumps for the mothers to remain anonymous. In order for Gallardo to give Aurora a funeral, she must first adopt the child even if she is already dead.


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