Woman Gives Away Millions to Feed Her 72 Adoptees



What does it take for an act to be called a charity? They often say that it’s not really giving if you haven’t lost something. You have to risk something you treasure so much, thinking others need it more than you. That’s only until that happens that you have truly given.

But haven’t we realized that it was never about how much we have given and what thing we gave up? It is all about the intention. Even if you share so much, but it was only for publicity, there’s not a little bit of charity in that. But if you have given so much to the point of losing everything you have and forever live with the loss and that is all for the sake of lifting others up from the sad life you yourself wished to avoid, then that’s the real deal. And if you think that’s impossible, a Chinese woman tells her story to prove you wrong.

millionaire spends her fortune adopting kids

Forty-six-year-old Hebei province native Li Lijuan is doing just the ideal kind of charity when in the course of twenty years, she has adopted and taken care of seventy-five children and eventually consumed all of her fortune just to feed them. Li owned a massive amount of wealth in the 1980s out of coal mining investments and her garment business. She started adopting children and used all of her money to keep them going.

Some reports say that Li’s desire to adopt children grew deeper after her own child left her because of an incident. Her son Xiao Wen suffered from a spinal injury in 2004, which became serious that he had to undergo surgery; but at the time, she was sending her hydrocephalus-stricken adoptee to the hospital for a surgery. When Xiao Wen was released from the hospital, he went to live with his grandmother and has been away from Li for ten years now.

Lijuan, 46, adopted her first orphan in 1994 - a boy from the south-western province of Sichuan

Li Lijuan holds one of her adopted babies

Though constantly longing for her own son, Li Lijuan continued to adopt children who have been left by their own parents until the number grew to seventy-plus. This left Li in debt for over millions of yens. Some people have extended help to Li, but it is still not enough. Some even reached out to adopt some of her children, but because of strict adoption laws in China, she has to keep the children who are all registered under her name.



Some of Li’s adopted kids have grown to become college graduates and public workers. And she’s happy with that fact alone. As a mother, Li promises to continue to do anything to take care of these kids.


Li Lijuan is a real superhero for doing such deed. She may not have a shield like Captain America to protect her children from anything or superpowers like Spiderman to take them to wherever they might want to go, she has remained and will forever be an inspiration to these youngsters and to everyone around the world.



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