Woman On-Board a Los Angeles Bound Plane Gives Birth …See How Passengers and Crew Helped Her


It was one remarkable moment for the crew and passengers of a plane bound to Los Angeles when one woman gave birth while on board at 30,000 ft above the ground.

An unnamed woman who is 32 weeks pregnant flew to Los Angeles from her home country, Taiwan, with China Airlines when the incident happened.

Frightened staff called for medical assistance in the plane when her water broke six hours after the the plane took off for a nineteen-hour flight.

Luckily, a responding doctor successfully delivered the baby girl to the rejoice of the mother, airline crew, and the passengers.

Travelers watched as a woman gave birth in the middle of a Taiwan to L.A. flight last Thursday.

Passengers cheered as the woman safely gave birth on the China Airlines flight to Los Angeles.



One of the passengers Amira Rajput said that the rest of the passengers remained calm and quiet to probably give the woman a stress-free experience. She also commented that the mother was tough as nails. 


The plane then had an emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska, where the mother and her daughter were taken to a near hospital.



The plane, which was three hours behind schedule, continued its flight to Los Angeles after being refueled. Both mother and her baby were reported to be in a good condition.

The baby girl was on-board a Republic of China aircraft but born in US airspace, so her nationality will depend on the birth certificate issued by the Anchorage Hospital. Airline said that the pregnant woman was just considered as a normal passenger that’s why she was allowed to fly.


Watch these amazing actual footages: