Woman Suffers Beating from Her Husband …Until These Everyday Heroes Came Along



Not all heroes wear capes. Most of the time, they walk among us in normal clothing, live normal lives, and have normal jobs. If the situation calls for it, a normal person can be someone great through a simple act of benevolence.

Just like what these people did in order to help a person suffering from great injustice.

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A couple was seen in a car parking lot having a heated argument, when suddenly the husband hit his wife repeatedly with a blunt rod. Two gentlemen came into the scene to break the unsightly commotion.



The men heard the woman’s cry for help and approached the man to talk him out of what he was doing. The man was furious and did not like the man’s intrusion into his affair.

However, the woman was saved from his abusive husband, who fled with his truck. She was later sent to the nearest hospital in order to get her wounds treated. She is now recovering from the assault.

Here’s a video of the confrontation: