Woman Ditched by Fiance Turns Supposed Wedding Reception into a Feast for the Homeless


Quinn Duane was on for the most heartbreaking day of her life when her fiance left her just a few days before her wedding. But instead of bawling her eyes out in the corner, the bride-to-be decided to spend the supposed wedding day by feeding the homeless.

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The 27-year-old admitted that she was still so heartbroken to attend what seemed like a feeding program, so her family went on her behalf. Kari, Quinn’s mom, said, “I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this.”



The meal, which was prepared for the over 120 guests at the wedding, filled the hungry stomach of kids and elderly. The city’s homeless enjoyed bowls of salad, gnocchi, salmon, steak, and a whole lot of appetizers.


One of the homeless was Rasahad Abdullah, who came with his wife and five kids. He said, “When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to do something different with your family, it was really a blessing.” Erika, Rasahad’s wife, was also touched by the Duane family’s act of kindness, saying, “To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind.”


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