Now You Can Rent People to Tell You Stories Just Like Your Parent Did in Childhood


Human Library is just the same as the regular library, except that in the former, you don’t have to read. The “book” will be the one to talk to you. You can ask questions, and they’ll tell you the answer. Perfect, right?

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The Human Library is full of human books


The volunteer books are persons with specific personal experiences or outlook in life and have always been stereotyped in some ways. Each book has a title and a description, which the reader can choose from.

A book about someone who has modified parts of his body


Never judge someone based on their appearance. Here’s your chance to know their story.

Grab a book about a refugee and listen to their experience


The Syrian refugee crisis is always in the news. Instead of watching it from your TV, why not listen to the real story firsthand from an actual refugee?

A book about a transgender


You might have questions about being transgender but didn’t know the right person to approach. Don’t worry, ask away and they’ll answer you.

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