Hunchback Wife Lovingly Leads Her Blind Husband Through Town

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An elderly Chinese couple has shown the world that they meant it when they said they would stay true to each other in sickness and in health, 55 years ago. And now, touching photos that prove their unconditional love for each other are making rounds on social media.

76-year-old Wei Guiyi has been guiding her 80-year-old blind husband, Huang Funeng, around the village using bamboo sticks. She has been his eyes for the past 30 years, since a degenerative eye condition took his husband’s sight in 1985.

Guiding hand: Wei Guiyi, 76, guides her blind hubby Huang Funeng, 80,  every day using bamboo sticks 

Even if she was suffering from osteoporosis, she never complained nor gave up on her husband. She even said that she always looks forward to every new day with him.



When photos of them walking around the village, were picked up and shared on social media, they have been dubbed “pictures of true love”.

Chinese couple

Wei Guiyi has osteoporosis, leaving her with a hunchback



On their wedding day, the couple promised to take care of each other for the rest of their lives, Huang told his wife, “I am going to look after you for the rest of your life”. Guiyi, on the other hand, said, “I am going to depend on you forever”.

Inspiring:  Wei Guiyi guides blind husband Huang Funeng through the streets of Donglan County using bamboo sticks



Now, as they walk in the streets day-to-day, Guiyi describes everything she sees. She happily shared, We are very happy and have a contented life. We will always be by each other’s side. I am his eyes and he is my everything”.


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