This Girl Faces ALL of Her Fears in an Insane 100 Day Challenge …This is Remarkable

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Venezuelan art student Michelle Poler lives in New York City. Fear has played a big role in her life.

She was afraid of dogs because she thought they would bite her. She wouldn’t go to dinner parties because she was too scared to drive at night. She was scared of the germs in porta-potties.

She decided to gain back control, so she wouldn’t be afraid anymore. So, she got a 100-day challenge for herself to face her fears.

It has been 82 days since the challenge began and here are some of the highlights:

A Helicopter Ride


Walking Around in Heels


Posing with Zero Clothes




Trapeze Class



Painting on a Naked Person


Conquering Roller Coasters


Hugging a Stranger


Karaoke Singing





Entering a Dog Park


Instructing a Zumba Class




Handling a Tarantula


Good job, Michelle! She was able to face her fears and try something new. Everyone could learn a thing or two from her about letting go of our fears.


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