Miracle Mom's Brave Pregnancy Story

Jo Powell: Miracle Mom’s Brave Pregnancy Story Will Bring You to Tears


There is nothing more stressful yet satisfying than trying to conceive. Sure, some may be lucky with their first try, but there is still a huge percentage of couples that struggle to get pregnant. The factors range from age to other underlying health issues, all of which result in high-risk pregnancy. Though the process may be exhausting, finally being able to hold your baby in your arms is well worth the sacrifice.

For Jo Powell, her ultimate wish was to become a mother. She and her husband, Richard, had been trying for years to conceive, and their wish finally came true in 2010 when Jo’s pregnancy test revealed that she was pregnant. However, the couple’s celebration would only be cut short after doctors made a devastating discovery.

Jo Powell: Expectant Mother Finds Out She Has Cancer, Forced to Make Life-Changing Decision

Just days after she found out she was pregnant, Jo Powell’s life took another 360-degree turn when doctors discovered a cancerous lump in her breast. Instead of fearing for her own life, Powell’s concern immediately went to the baby she held in her womb.

“When I heard the word cancer my first thought was, I’m going to lose my baby, she told the Daily Mail. “It was like I was in a living nightmare. We had been trying for a baby for years, and we were convinced it wasn’t going to happen for us, so Jake was so special.” Powell added, “I knew we couldn’t give up on our baby. There was no way I was going to sacrifice him to save myself.”

Sure enough, Powell was told that they could not begin chemotherapy while she was in the early stages of her pregnancy. Her doctors even advised that she consider getting an abortion, explaining that the pregnancy hormones would only aggravate the cancer cells even more.

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Jo Powell

However, despite her doctors’ warnings, Powell refused to start treatment until her baby was big enough to survive on his own. Her risky decision paid off, and miraculously, Powell and her husband welcomed a healthy baby boy they named Jake.

Powell eventually had to undergo a mastectomy as soon as her son arrived, leaving Richard to take care of little Jake. Now years after the harrowing ordeal, Powell is happy to say that she is no longer in need of further treatment. Luckily, her cancer treatment had no damaging effect on Jake either.

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