This 10-Year-Old Music Prodigy Honors B.B. King with His Amazing Guitar Skills

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Toby Lee, a 10-year-old musical whiz, has a very amazing talent that will make your jaw drop and leave your toes tapping.

Donned in a tiger suit, this young English musician played his own rendition of the song “The Thrill is Gone” by 90-year-old Riley B. King or “B.B. King” and shared it on YouTube. It came with the message, “Get Well Soon Mr BB King – Love from Toby. I hope you get to see this!”.




The video received a response from Rita King, the daughter of the iconic musician, and Linda Ludwig, a guitarist who claimed to have shared the video with B.B.

The clip begins with the young boy sitting in place, turning on his metronome, giving it several beats, and then playing it into his own style. According to reports, the boy made this while B.B. was still confined in the hospital.

Apparently, Toby really respected the musical prodigy that he wanted to perform a song for him to somehow lift up his spirits and help him with his recovery.

Sad to say, B.B. died several weeks after the video was uploaded. Although his death has caused the music industry to mourn and grieve, at least, we can say that he has inspired lots of people from all over the world, which is quite evident in Lee. So, his legacy will live forever.

If Toby will continue playing, we can probably see him performing on bigger stages.


Be inspired by Toby’s smooth guitar playing skills by watching the video below:


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