Amazing 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes $1,500 a Week Selling Sweets


Henry Patterson, a rising entrepreneur, is now making over $1,416 every week on the business he started himself at the age of 11.

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Henry founded a retro candy company in Lidlington in Bedfordshire, which sells a variety of products including sweetie-themed jewelry and creative sweets.

But now he has converted his shop into what he calls Not Before Tea, a “children’s lifestyle brand” that has a collection of clothes, stationery, bags, and even a book that he published himself.


Henry started the idea of building a business when he was only five;at the time, he was only selling manure. Though the item he sold was a bit smelly, he loved the thought of earning money on his own.

At age seven, he started to come up with his first commercial venture and decided to sell bags of manure for $1.42 each.

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And then he began selling items he got from charity shops on eBay.

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