12-Year-Old Goes Around Her Neighborhood Asking Jacket Donations for the Homeless


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She walks around her town in November to pass out fliers to let the community members know her goal. Two weeks after passing out the fliers, she brings her wagon and goes door-to-door to ask for jacket donations.


Once she gets home, she sorts out the items into piles for adults and children. She also separates the hoodies and sweaters.


Makenna says, “Most people say, ‘I would do stuff like you do if I had more time,’ but I make time for this because it’s important to me. And if people truly cared, they would make time too.”

The passion project started because she truly feels for the homeless. She says that if she was homeless, she would want someone to help her too.


Makenna’s mother, Jennifer, says her daughter came up with the idea on her own. She is proud of her selfless daughter, who says that it is important to “leave a positive footprint” wherever you go.


Makenna hopes her organization will inspire others to give back. Her generation understands that being charitable is the right thing to do.


“Something small can make a big difference,” Makenna explains. “I want this to spread. A little kindness can inspire others!”

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