The 17-Year-Old Who Has Two College Degrees, a Job at NASA, and Can Even Fly Planes


Meet Moshe Kai Cavalin, who at the age of 17, already has two college degrees. On top of that, this child prodigy can fly an airplane and already bagged a job in NASA.

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When Moshe was only 8, he became the youngest college student in the country after enrolling himself in East Los Angeles College. He went on to graduate with an astounding 4.0 GPA. But his achievements did not end there, Moshe pursued a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He finished that course at the young age of 15. That’s right, when majority of you were just deciding on what to be when you grew up, Moshe is already starting to work and pursue his.


Just last year, Moshe started online classes to get a master’s in cybersecurity through the Boston area’s Brandeis University. But that needed to take a backseat for a while as the boy from San Gabriel, California, needed to report to NASA to assist them in making surveillance technology for airplanes and drones. He continues to work hard to be an established pilot, a dream he has had for the longest time.

Life for Moshe has not always been good as he chronicled in his second autobiography that he was the target of bullies growing up. But that hasn’t stopped him from garnering even more feats, he also has succeeded in the field of martial arts, winning tournament after tournament, and displaying his trophies in his family’s home.


Even Moshe’s parentage is as diverse as his knowledge in life as the boy is a mix of two cultures. His mother is Taiwanese and his father hails from Brazil.

But despite his seemingly extraordinary life, Moshe says he’s just a regular kid. He credits his humility through supportive parents who keep him well balanced at all costs.


“My case isn’t that special. It’s just a combination of parenting and motivation and inspiration,” he told the Daily Mail. “I tend to not compare myself that often to other people. I just try to do the best I can.”


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