3-Year-Old Belts Out Her Favorite Disney Song—And Nails It!


Disney movies play a huge part in the life of a child. The fun familiar characters and engaging story lines are simply irresistible. Disney has created some of the most memorable animated features that hold dear memories of childhood. But if there’s one thing that sets the company apart from the other movie makers, it is their songs.

One dad asked his three-year-old to make a music video of her favorite song, and the little girl did not hold back. Don’t worry, it’s not the song from Frozen.

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Claire Ryann is only three years old, but she has made a popular online music video. She sings one of her favorite Disney songs.  Confidently, she belts out the song from the Little Mermaid. How many kids have the ability to sing like this?

Watch the video below

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