3-Year-Old Born Deaf Hears His Dad’s Voice for the First Time, and His Reaction Is Priceless


Most kids are able to hear their mom’s sweet hello as soon as they’re born. But for Grayson Clamp, he was greeted by dead silence.

But fortunately, when he reached three, he was finally relieved of his suffering. The first thing that made him smile? His parents’ voice.

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A video of the young boy’s priceless reaction when he hears his father’s voice for the very first time was uploaded online and became a viral hit, making him the subject of headlines from across the world.


Grayson was given the gift of hearing when he underwent an auditory brain stem implant. A normal cochlear implant failed to fix the boy’s problem, so they decided to surgically implant an electronic device on the boy’s brain stem instead.


Grayson even appeared on CNN’s New Day with his family, who took him in when he was still a newborn and was placed in foster care . The boy had a blast and spent most of his time exploring the news studio. While he was busy walking around, his father, Len, said that it was the first time he heard his son make a sound.

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Another very heartwarming moment transpired from the event: when the little boy heard his father’s voice for the first time, his face immediately lit up.


But Grayson’s road to finally hearing sounds was rough. The boy’s parents tried every single way to help him. They were so close to losing hope until they were told that an untested method might help their son. It was a risk, but they took it.

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The UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, introduced the parents to the implant. Doctors have been doing thorough research on how to perform the procedure on children. Although auditory brain stem implants, which are often done on adults since 1979, are approved for use on kids in Europe, there was just not enough study on its impact on children.


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But now that their son is able to hear, the risk proved to be worth it. According to Nicole Clamp, Grayson’s mom, they’re still not sure how exactly the device works for him, but seeing their son get delighted every time they speak, they could say that it has been phenomenal for them.

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