3-Year-Old Drives Around in His Toy Bulldozer to Clear Neighborhood Snow


Carrie and Brian Curry‘s son, Sam, proved that he was a brave young man when he asked his parents for a bulldozer as a present for his third birthday.

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On December 11, 2015,  Sam’s friends and family gathered to celebrate his special day in their home in Kingston, Tennessee. The party hall was covered with bulldozer decorations, from a new set of Stanley Tools to a black-and-yellow bulldozer cake, which matched the event’s theme.

The moment the party ended, Sam’s grandparents presented their birthday gift to their grandson—a mini bulldozer that he could technically drive around the neighborhood.



Carrie Curry witnessed her son’s excitement the moment he saw the gift. He loved it so much he never left it since the day it was handed to him, even asking his mom to get him another one for Christmas.

When the icy weather came in, Sam continued to play around with his mini bulldozer, with his mom and 4-year-old little sister, Charlie Ann, trailing behind him. Their neighbors started to notice that as Sam drove around in his little vehicle, he was also clearing out some white fluff left by the snow storm.

Like a young version of Peter Parker, Sam was able to entertain the neighborhood while getting rid of the snow.

And it looks like even the young boy was well aware that he’s doing something helpful.

“I tried calling him by his name this morning, and he said, ‘Mom, I told you I’m Spider-Man now!'”

Carrie could not have been any more proud of her little boy.

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