4-Year-Old Asks Dad to Help Him Convince His Crush to Be His Valentine


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A lot of people are asking their crushes or loved ones out on a date, but none of them could parallel the cuteness of this boy who was trying to look for ways to properly ask his crush to be his valentine.

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Former Travel Channel star and home decor designer Ken Gray recently uploaded a video of him and his son, Fynnton Gray. The clip shows 4-year-old Fynnton asking his crush to be his valentine for the season of hearts.




In this adorable footage, Fynnton tells his father that he wants a girl named Piper to be his date on Valentine’s Day. That’s when his dad comes to the rescue and decides to give his son some techniques. The conversation between the two of them is simply the cutest you’ll ever see this season of love.

The footage is a bit long. but watching it until the last second is totally worth it!

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