4-Year-Old Becomes a Little Hero After Saving Family from Fire


Four-year-old Rosie Moran became an unlikely hero in her hometown of Boise, Idaho, when she courageously saved a family from what could have been a deadly fire.

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Rosie’s father, Sean, recalls the afternoon his daughter saw the fire. “She was cruising along a little bit further ahead and she came speeding back to me.” The little girl then informed him that the neighbor’s home was on fire.


The fire was suspected to have started by a spontaneous combustion between oily rags and garbage in the side of the house. “I noticed there was black smoke,” Sean recalled. “I jogged up and followed Rosie and she took me to this house, and sure enough I looked around the corner and the side of the house was all on fire.”

It was the family of Ernie Ortiz who resided in that home. They were not able to notice the fire even starting. As soon as Sean warned them, both fathers jumped into action by grabbing a hose and trying to stop the flame.


The firefighters finally arrived to put an end to the fire. It was thanks to Rosie’s quick thinking that many lives were spared and no further damage happened.

They commended Rosie for being alert and even awarded her a junior firefighter’s badge. In a heartwarming moment, Ernie held his own daughter in front of Rosie.  “You see this little girl right here, you saved her! I want to thank you very much,” he told the little girl and adding that she is a real hero.

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