Chinese 5-Year-Old Drives Huge Digging Truck on a Building Site – Extraordinary Video

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It is normal to see little boys playing with toy trucks, but it would be a bit strange and surprising to see a small hand maneuvering a huge driving digger on a building site.

Wang Shuhan, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, is only six years old, apparently too young to operate a building site machinery. But at such a young age, his father, Wang Xuebing, already taught him how to operate a huge truck, and in the video uploaded by his dad, looks like the toddler now knows how to drive the digger and move its scoop to pick up sand.

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His father would regularly bring the young boy to his work with him, and his son eventually became interested in operating his machine.

Xuebing was kind enough to explain to his son the functions of each gears within the compartment. And at the age of three, he was able to successfully drive it.





Xuebing shares that he’s very proud of his son for having a big excavator as his big toy. As to his safety, you might ask, Xuebing always keeps an eye on the little boy whenever his little hands are on the wheel.

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