5-Year-Old Saves Mom from Drowning After She Had Sudden Seizure Attack


Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. For this case, a five-year-old Texan girl has displayed quite the amount of courage and quick thinking when it came to saving her mother.

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Allison and her mother, Tracy Anderwald, were enjoying an afternoon in the pool looking to end spring break with some rest and relaxation when the unthinkable happened: Tracy had a seizure attack.

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Surveillance camera showed the young girl springing to action immediately. While most people would freeze at the sight of actual danger, Allison did the exact opposite by reacting like an expert paramedic. She pulled her mother to the shallow end of the pool after noticing that she had not surfaced from swimming.


Allison, on her part, had learned to swim at a young age and has been doing so since she was roughly three years old. After successfully saving her mother from what could have been a tragic incident, she called to her aunt for help.

Tedra Hunt is Tracy’s sister and the owner of the backyard pool that the mother and daughter were frolicking on that afternoon.

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“I don’t know what happened, but I went into a seizure, and whenever I did, I dropped to the bottom of the pool and went completely unconscious,” Tracy said. Doctors also have yet to come up with the reason behind Tracy’s sudden episode.

But the story has ended on a good note, with Tracy now alive and well thanks to her little girl.

“Hands down, I feel like she saved my life,” Tracy praised Allison. “It could have been a lot worse than what it was.”

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