This 6-Year-Old Girl Does Insane Trick Shots- I’m Impressed

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Performing a trick shot can be, well, tricky. It wouldn’t be much of a trick if it was extremely easy, would it? To make one of these shots takes a serious amount of time, practice, and patience.

While you were struggling your whole life to perfect a trick shot, this six-year-old girl named Riley beats you by tossing simple household items backward without even looking. What she can do is really astounding.





Look at that! You are beaten by a girl—a six-year-old girl.

Watch the amazing trick video below.

Here is an extended version of the video, which includes failed attempts.

Boys will be boys, and there is something about them that makes them feel ashamed when a girl beats them. So here is two-year-old Titus who has an amazing knack in basketball. This kid will soon conquer NBA for sure.

Watch the incredible kid in the video below.

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