This 6-Year-Old Girl With a Rare Disease Will Stun You With Her Dance Moves

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A young girl who suffers from a rare medical condition captured peoples hearts when she danced on stage together with the International Zumba Conference in Orlando.

Her name is Audrey Nethery, a six-year-old girl with Diamond-Blackfan anemia, who never let her disease stop her from living out her passion in dancing.



Audrey’s sickness is a potentially life-threatening bone marrow disorder that carries with it a slew of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, and eye problems. Audrey’s growth is notably slower than the average kid, due in part to the steroids and medications she must take; and even though she’s only six, she already had twenty blood transfusions.

The world first knew Audrey when earlier this year, her mom posted a video of her flaunting her Zumba skills. Then Audrey’s proud father uploaded a brand-new video of her on stage while dancing with some professional Zumba enthusiasts. On the video, Audrey was shocked when she was invited on stage by the dancers to open the International Zumba Conference in Orlando. Local instructors and some of the best Zumba dancers grooved right alongside with her as she commanded the stage with such confidence. You’d never know it from her energy, spunk, and excellent dancing skills that this little angel is battling a rare disease.


Watch Aundrey’s amazing dancing skills:

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