This Video Lets You Experience the Life of a Child with Autism …Intense!


One of the hardest battles that people with autism suffer is sensory sensitivity.

There are so many things that grind their gears. The drops of water from a dripping faucet for instance.



The loud, long, and pulsating police sirens on the streets also cause their nerves to wrack.

To further understand their everyday struggles, the National Autistic Society from United Kingdom made a short video.

Autism is a developmental condition that hinders an individual’s emotional, social, or communication skills, so the clip hopes to give the people a taste of how people with autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) view the world.

Sensory sensitivity makes processing sensory information like light, sound, or taste an extremely difficult task.



ASD causes a sound to be distorted and magnified, thus making it utterly annoying and infuriating. It can also cause everyday clothing to feel very uncomfortable as it touches the skin.

To you, the police sirens may seem to be just plain annoying. However, for people with autism, the wailing sound from the police car can cause excruciating pain.




But autism isn’t just about sensory sensitivity.

To give you more information about the developmental condition, here’s a list of facts about autism:

It cannot be perceived through the eyes. There is no noticeable difference between a normal person and a person with autism.
Autism occurs in more kids than you had imagined. One out of 68 kids suffer from autism according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Every autism case is unique from the others. According to the clip, “Every person with autism is different. That’s what makes it so difficult to understand.”
What causes ASD is still a baffling mystery. Researchers are still in the dark as to the culprit, but their endless researches have lead them to the hypothesis that it is likely caused by multiple undermining factors like genetic, environmental, and biological.
Vaccines do not cause autism. This has been a lifelong debate, but there are no scientific research to back the claim that getting yourself vaccinated can increase your chances of having autism.

The one-minute video below will let you take a peek at the world with autism. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically understand how autism feels like since ASD can mean differently from person to person.

The video hopes to strike empathy among people and hopefully lessen discrimination.



Check out the video by the National Autistic Society below.


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