7-Year-Old Hands Out ‘Blessing Bags’ to Homeless People to Make Them Feel Wanted


There is no set age needed to be generous. It’s all about being a decent human being.

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Caiden Perez of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has proven that even at 7 years old, you can enjoy helping others in need. Caiden approached his father Manny with the idea of throwing a pizza party for the homeless people in his community “because it makes them happy.”

They decided to make “blessing bags” for the homeless instead. Each bag is filled with basic necessities like clean socks, toothpaste, shampoo, and water. The little boy was excited to start giving them away.


Caiden and his father documented their outing when they gave away the blessing bags. Caiden spoke to the locals as he handed out the items. The seven-year-old is eager to do it again.


Manny Perez says that his son has wanted to help the homeless for long time. He wants to do it because he wants to make them feel wanted.


There were approximately 12,000 homeless people in North Carolina in 2013. And a small act of kindness like Caiden’s will go a long way in helping these homeless people feel important.

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Caiden is just one of many young good Samaritans.

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