8-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets a Special Day with His First True Love

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David Spisak, a young boy from Chesapeake, Virginia, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. He continues to fight, but David doesn’t do it alone. He is helped by his family and his girlfriend, Ayla.


David, now 8, has had a crush on Ayla in the past. When his condition got the most of him, David’s parents were forced to pull him out of school. That was when they discovered that the bond shared between him and Ayla transcended from a simple elementary school crush to sharing a couple of touching notes.

“In art class, I told her I liked her, and she just had a surprised face, so we started dating,” David recalls.


David’s mother, Amber Spisak, wanted to learn more about Ayla and how she could do her part to help nourish the special bond they shared. She contacted Ayla’s mother and informed her of their relationship. Together, they planned on a special date in the bowling alley.




David showed up with flowers on hand to give to his special young lady, and it was apaprent in Ayla’s reaction that she couldn’t be any happier to see him. David got to not only enjoy the company of the love of his life, but he also felt what it was like to be a normal kid, without the presence of hospital staff and medical machines that surrounded him during his treatments.


The most touching part of their date was how Ayla saw him as a special friend that she loves unconditionally instead of a patient stricken with cancer. The date was a first for both sides. David was so happy that day that he even rose from his wheelchair, something he hadn’t done for a long time.

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A lot of people may criticize this, voicing out their worry of having both David and Ayla experience a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship at such a young age, but their story only personifies true love at its finest.

The strength that David chose to show just to be with her and how Ayla stuck with him exemplifies that there truly is hope for true love to exist in this world.


David compared Ayla to Snow White, stating that her kindness and love reciprocate that of the princess. The two shared a dinner table and even David’s first kiss, an innocent one planted on the cheek.

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“She’s definitely had an impact on his spirit, and I haven’t seen this side of him in a long time,” says Amber Spisak.






“Their story is definitely something everyone can learn from,” says Angela Andrews, Ayla’s mom. “Just to love. Because that’s what’s important. At the end of every day, that’s what’s important. Who loves you and who you love back.”


While the future of their relationship is relatively unknown, this is definitely something we can all learn from—the value of finding inspiration in love when facing our everyday trials.

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David, even with the limited time he has, will never have to feel like he’s wasted his life on earth because he has experienced what it feels like to have found your one true love, something that is priceless and worth keeping forever.



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