A Stranger Stopped What He Was Doing to Help Autistic Boy…


Asher, a young boy from Vancouver, Washington, is currently undergoing tests to know whether he has autism.

Unfortunately, until the official results are in, his school couldn’t put him in special education classes. “They can’t give him the services, they can’t do all these different things that kids with that diagnosis can,” said his mom, Leslie.



Given his situation, Asher is having a hard time doing stuff like tying his shoes. He easily gets disappointed whenever he does it wrong. Leslie shares that whenever she sees him like that, it breaks her heart.

Since it has become a daily occurrence for Asher to come home from school with his laces untied, Leslie began to feel helpless.

However, one day, Asher went back home from school with something strange. She noticed that his shoes looked different. She said, “My 5-year-old son came home from school with his shoe laces gone.”

Blown away with what a stranger did to help her son, Leslie took to Facebook to express how she felt.



She wrote,

“My 5-year-old son is autistic. Every day he struggles with his shoes. While this may not be a big thing to some, it’s everything to him. He has times where he cannot control himself and has ticks and unties his laces. He cannot re-tie them. He does this for multiple reasons, but it’s become a daily occurrence. I’ve struggled within myself to take away his laced up shoes but didn’t know if it would just encourage the behavior. Every single day, same thing. He’d walk off he bus with those shoes untied. I felt at a loss. Not sure what to do and felt heart broken every time I would see him get off the bus with his laces dangling. He even felt bad about it and would hang his head in shame knowing his shoes were to be tied. And as a mother, I felt helpless, until 2 days ago.

“Asher came home without his laces. He had these replacing them, with a note and instructions in his backpack about these special laces. I teared up. I couldn’t believe that someone went out of their way to help him and even found these special laces I had no clue about. I just want to thank whomever that came into Miss Lefevber’s kindergarten class and did this for my Son. He’s so proud of his new laces and has not touched his shoes out of habit once.

“Now I realize it’s not about making him get used to regular laces. It’s about meeting him where he is, and if that means special laces, then so be it. His smile and to see him confident about his shoes means everything.

“Thank you Glenwood Heights Primary school for your amazing staff and those around our children.

“You’ve sincerely touched my heart and your kindness to my son and his special needs when you didn’t have to, and this day in age it is very easy to just treat a child as ‘another head’ in a classroom.”

—Asher’s Mom



Watch their story below.


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