This Armless Little Girl Finally Gets to Hug a Hero of Hers …But There is an Amazing Twist


The Internet is full of wonders that you can discover, and every day, more and more stuff keep getting viral, like as this one.

Meet the three-year-old Ruth Evelyn “RE” Pranke and pilot Jessica Cox who recently got together for the first time. What made the moment so special? Both of them were born without arms.




Before they met, RE has been searching for an inspiration . . . until she found out about Cox.



What really bonded RE with Cox is that they have the same personality. They are both strong, and they didn’t let their condition slow them down.



It was twenty weeks into her pregnancy when Karlyn Pranke, RE’s mother, received the news that her daughter would be born armless.



On the other hand, although born armless as well, amazingly, Cox has a third-degree black belt and serves as a public speaker and an advocate for disabled people.




But according to her, one of the biggest things that she is proud of is that she is the world’s only armless airplane pilot.



To fly the plane, she uses her feet for control. She has also been featured in The Guinness Book of World Records.


JESSICA’S AMAZING FEAT IN 2014 GUINNESS BOOK So if you haven’t seen it yet, Jessica Cox is prominently featured in the…

Posted by Right Footed A documentary film about Jessica Cox on Thursday, January 9, 2014


The day that the two met was incredible, and the photo shows that you don’t need arms to hug your hero.



Cox has stated that she was enriched by the entire experience.

“When I meet a child without arms, it feels like I’m giving back. It’s that feeling of ‘Oh, I’m going to be OK. I’m going to be able do everything this woman did’ is what I’m giving back to RE and other children.”

“It’s saying, ‘I’m going to be just fine.’”



“I did show her the airplane, which was a wild moment for her,” Cox added. “From the time she saw me, she asked, ‘Where’s the airplane you fly?’”




RE was pretty ecstatic when she met her hero. “She’s been saying since we got home, ‘She’s just like me. She doesn’t have arms,’” Pranke said.



Karlyn thought that Cox is the perfect role model for her daughter, and after following her on Facebook, she decided to give RE the perfect treat to meet Cox at a premiere of Right Footed, a documentary about Cox’s life.




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