Autistic Boy Overcome with Emotion as He Watches Coldplay Band for the First Time


A video of an autistic boy crying as he sees his favorite band play his favorite song has gone viral on the Internet.

The boy’s father, Luis Vazquez, captured the emotional reaction of his son during the concert of the band Coldplay at Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City.

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The child was overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t help but cry as he watched his idols perform one of his favorite songs, “Fix You.” Father and son moved their bodies to the rhythm of the music.

Upon seeing his child’s passionate reaction, the dad held his son close to him and sang with him.

Luis posted the video online with the caption “Something my wife and I decided to share with the whole wide world. You have to watch it! It says it all! You guys #coldplay please need to see this!”

When the video reached Coldplay, the group shared it immediately with the words “This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile. Hola Luis y tu hijo hermoso! Love.”

A week after it was posted on YouTube, the video attracted about 2.5 million viewers. It has also been shared on Facebook and Twitter many times.

The video has touched the hearts of social media users worldwide, some of them have autism themselves. People were grateful that the father shared their special moment together to the world.

One wrote, “I have to say this what I always say to myself and other people that have autism, you are not autism, you are still you’re self. Look on the bright side. I can do many things with my handicap.”

Another commented, “I have autism myself, I was diagnosed at age 7, and I am also a mega Coldplay fan. This made me tear up, thank you so much for sharing this video.”

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