Autistic Girl Writes Heartwarming Letter to Mom …So Touching


Cadence, a 7-year-old girl born with autism from Queensland, Australia, penned a moving letter, giving her say on the association of the word “violence” with autism.


The letter, which has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook, details a written conversation between Cadence and her mom, Angela. It is a common fact that the number one issue when it comes to autism would be the communication barrier. Most people affected with the mental condition experience difficulty trying to express what they feel. But this touching letter from Cadence opened the eyes of many to a reality that no one has spoken of.


Cadence, who hid under the teacher’s table after hearing dismissive comments about autism, explains about the stigma on autism through words that strike a chord.

As her mom, Angela, relays in her Facebook caption,

“What messages are our autistic children hearing from ourselves, from other parents, at school, from media, and in the general community?”



The letter was shared in the I Am Cadence Facebook page and has been shared almost 2,000 times.


At one point in their exchange, Cadence asks her mother, “Are you crying?”

To which Angela answers yes and explains in the most heartwarming way, “I have happy tears that you know what is true, and I have sad tears because there are lots of people who don’t know what is true.”


Responses online have been positive. Users express their gratitude toward Cadence for providing insight about children with autism into the minds of people who are not well aware of what lies behind an autistic child’s behavior.


It has also touched the lives of many, especially parents who have kids who are going through the same phase.


Angela shared this letter not just to provide awareness about autism but to remind people to be mindful of the things we say or do to innocent children.



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