This Awesome Dad Got a Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Make His daughter Feel Normal


Alistair Campbell is the father of six-year-old Charlotte, who has had two cochlear implants to aid her hearing. In one heartwarming gesture, Alistair now has one as well.

According to reports, the young girl told her dad that his tattoo was “cool”. However, her mother didn’t expect her to grasp the significance of the tattoo at such an early age.

After Charlotte got her second cochlear implant, Alistair also got the tattoo. While watching Charlotte’s journey, he spoke to Buzzfeed News“It has changed her life being given the gift of sound”.

Almost all family members had cochlear implant, including Charlotte’s brother and mother. So, it’s not that surprising why the young girl needed two implants. The first one was given to her at the age of four.

Recalling the day he got the tattoo, Alistair said it involved, “a little bit of pain but nothing I couldn’t handle”.

“The reaction have been overwhelming, mostly positive. Some negative comments have surfaced, they don’t bother me, we’re doing what is best for our daughter and our family,” he added.

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