Baby Monitor Catches Toddler Saying a Prayer …What She Tells God, Touching


This video of a toddler from South Carolina is becoming viral for its heartwarming nature. Little Sutton is just two years old, but she never skips her bedtime prayers, and on one Sunday night, she does it in a way that touched millions of hearts.

Her parents, Caleb and Kathryn Whitt, placed the toddler to bed in a hurry so they could watch the NFC championship game and cheer on the Panthers.

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The twenty-second video recorded by the baby monitor wasn’t her full prayer. As Kathryn had said that they only started recording Sutton when they heard noises coming from her room an hour after placing her to bed. The parents were surprised to see her saying a prayer on her own.

Sutton calls out the people she routinely prays for with her parents. She prays for her mom and dad, her grandparents, and even Santa Claus. “I was just shocked at her age that she wanted to think through everyone she wanted to pray for,” Kathryn shared.


After giving numerous heartfelt thanks, she prays for her parents and ends it with an amen. Sutton, together with her parents, has practiced praying before bedtime. Almost immediately after saying her prayer, all the thanking tires her and she goes straight to sleep.

The video had made Sutton an overnight sensation with many people praising the little girl for her thoughtfulness. Once, she went to work with her mother, who is a preschool teacher, and was overwhelmed by people asking her for an autograph.



Sutton’s act made her parents realize how important it is to say their prayers too. From then on, Kathryn vows to never miss a prayer before bed.

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