This 2-year-old Boy Bravely Dives and Freely Swims in a 9 foot Deep Pool



Swimming can be a fun and exciting activity as it involves a lot of time in the water. Aside from that, it is also considered a good form of exercise for the body.

In some countries, kids are taught how to swim at a very young age. This is because locals believe it will help them survive in the long run.

At the age of two, a young boy bravely dived and swam to the bottom of a 9-feet pool. He wasn’t even afraid to go to the deeper part of the water. He just swims like a professional.

In the footage below, the boy was being coached by his ever supportive father. There was even a point when the boy was thrown out into the pool, but he managed to swim back to the edge, as if nothing had just happened.

 Watch the video of the 2-year-old boy’s unbelievable diving below:


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