Boy Grows Hair for Cancer Patients to Pay Tribute to Best Friend’s Cancer-Stricken Mom


Jayson Hodges, a Radio Park Elementary School student, had his hair cut and donated it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths and Wigs for Kids, a program aimed at making wigs for cancer patients.

His inspiration to grow his hair came from his best friend’s mother, Aimee Lessman.

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Jayson was at Walmart with his mother, Kim Hodges, when he saw a boy without hair. Kim said that when her son saw the kid, he immediately asked her why he didn’t have any locks.

“I explained to him what cancer and chemotherapy was. Then we were in line and an old lady was playing with his hair saying how lucky he was to have it.”


That’s when Jayson decided to grow his hair, and he was willing to do it for someone he deems very important—his best friend’s mom. 

Evan Lessman and Jayson have been inseparable since first grade, and he wanted to do something for the person he knows his best friend treasures so much. When asked about what Jayson did, Evan said that it’s “cool.”


Kim said that her son usually gets haircut two times a year, before and after the football season. Jayson’s last haircut was in July 2013.


Aimee Lessman has been a hairstylist for 19 years and opened her own salon in September 2004. But she was forced to cease handling shears after she was diagnosed with primitive neuroectodermal tumor on the right side of her brain in March.

She was the one who cut Jayson’s hair, her first after a very long time. She said, “It feels good, but I’m not ready to do this full-time quite yet.”


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