‘I Would Take a Bullet for Her’: Brother’s Love for His Special Needs Sister Will Move You to Tears


Nothing could be sweeter than a brother’s love for his sister, and these lovely young siblings will prove that.

Trenton and his sister, Lindsay, have the most special bonds as siblings. They consider each other as best friends, and he’s ready to do everything for her.

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Though Lindsay looks like a normal child, she is actually suffering a rare condition that only 8 out of every 100,000 newborn babies develop. It is called spinal muscular atrophy or SMA, an illness that makes the patient unable to control and move specific muscles.

Her condition made Lindsay’s and her whole family’s life hard, but it is also what brought them closer.


In an interview, Trenton only has good words to say about his sister, describing what she means to him and how willing he is to do anything for her.

Trenton is aware that people find his sister different just because of her condition. “Just because she’s different doesn’t mean she doesn’t fit in,” he says.

Despite that, he’s ready to stay by her side as long as he can and be the kind of brother his sister needs. He even participates in runs for a cause organized to support people with SMA.

For her part, Lindsay just feels grateful that she has a brother like Trenton. She says, “It’s just easier for me to get through life with a big brother like Trenton. It feels good that I have a brother that would run and do stuff for me, and it just really feels good.”


When asked who Lindsay is in his life, Trenton breaks down in tears as he says, “She’s one of the center priorities of my life, like I would take a bullet for her. She’s my best friend. I would do anything for her. My life would be nothing without her.”

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