These Children Wrote Break-Up Letters …The Result is Hilarious

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Breaking up is very hard to do especially if you are . . . eight years old! Here are some funny and painful breakup letters that prove kids can be more cruel than we think they are.

With Deep Regret

I’m looking for a smile better than 100,000,001 trampolines!

The Decision

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Breakup

Not with any of your friends! This is worse than what happened to the Disney movie Alexander.

Happy One Month


It’s you or fried chicken!

Tell No One

Your mom will post this on the Internet!

The “Riting” on the Wall

You should have read the riting on the wall!

Out of My Life

Short, simple, and direct to the point. (And we’re sure that drawing helps with the explanation.)

No Joke

We’re over!

Scheduling Time Together

Friends . . . yeah, right!

Mixed Fellings

It’s hard to make a relationship work when you’re trying to juggle recess, lunch, homework, and chores.

Git It Together

Git mareed . . . just not to me!

Frame of Mind

Just go for Jenni Brothers, dude.

Starbucks Lovers

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