This Deaf Girl Hears Her Voice For The First Time …Her Reaction is Priceless!



Sometimes, we take for granted some blessings we have like our hearing. We could never imagine how life would be without the ability to hear sounds. For Kai, it was an everyday thought.

Kai was born with 50 percent hearing loss in one ear and 65 percent in the other. The four-year-old has been dealing with this problem since birth. She never truly experienced hearing her own voice or hearing her parents’, things that we take for granted.

Kai’s life is about to change. With the help of some amazing technology, the little girl will improve her hearing.

After fitting her first hearing aids, the cute little girl couldn’t believe her ears. The heartwarming moment was caught on film. See the whole cute moment when Kai was finally able to hear her own voice for the very first time.


The video below was taken by her parents. It shows the adorable moment when Kai heard her voice for the first time. Watch the video below.


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