Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Beastly Diet Has Got Nothing on the Calories Kids Consume on Halloween Night

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Dwayne Johnson, or commonly called “The Rock” by his WWE fans, eats ten pounds of food a day. Just imagine a normal chihuahua weighing in at only four pounds, so Dwayne technically devours two and a half chihuahuas, (no, we’re not saying he eats dogs), every day.




But please don’t get him wrong, The Rock did not become one of the world’s most beloved action superstars by just eating 10 pounds of food. This franchise-engorging celebrity actually eats clean—you know, ten pounds of rice, fish, and other muscle-nourishing food. And The Rock has transformed himself into human equivalent of a He-Man action figure with this superhuman dedication, clean diet, and a lot of focus.



The Rock’s ten pounds of food in his massive diet actually contains 5,165 calories. In another perspective, a normal American will eat 3770 calories, which is considered high, but not a single one of Dwayne’s calories is supplied by chips and other assorted junk food.


Meanwhile, as jaw-dropping as The Rock’s daily dose of calories, millions of kids are going to put him to shame only on one Saturday night.





The average American child consumes from 4,800 to 7,000 calories every Halloween night. These numbers may look a little on the low side once you look at the nutritional content of popular candies.





With kids who love to gorge themselves on candies and chocolate bars, we may be asking a little bit too much their pancreas to process 7,000 calories of sugar. But by influencing a few more heroic witches to pass out nickels and toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters, adults, especially mothers, hope to keep the positive trend of the declining childhood obesity rate.


But maybe those sweet candy bars aren’t so bad after all because The Rock beats all the odds for a cheat day where he regularly eats 11,000 calories of pizza and pancakes.



Watch how Dwayne Johnson indulges in his Herculean meal below:

Watch how these kids try out some Halloween candies.