This Boy Proves That Extreme Sadness Can Be Overcome Simply by Smiling


When you are faced with sadness and loss, a smile always makes a difference. And Jaden Hayes can prove that to you.

Two years ago, Jaden lost his father. Earlier this month, he also lost his mother. Reports say she died in her sleep. While friends and family mourned, Jaden just told his aunt that he was already tired of seeing all the “craggy” faces. He wanted to see people smile.

Because of that, “The Smile Experiment” was born.

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Though he only had toy dinosaurs and beads, Jaden was able to collect smiles on the streets of Savannah. He also had little rubber ducks and gave them away to small kids.

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With the help of the Internet, Jaden’s experiment started to grow. His cousin, Natasha Compton, was the one who named the experiment and documented the mission on Instagram. She also told The Huffington Post that people from other parts of the world have already sent their smiles.

“He started with a goal of 500 smiles and, not including the smiles that have been pouring in on the Internet, last count was just over 300,” Natasha said in an e-mail.

#thesmileexperiment #payitForward #WTOC

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Natasha said that the smiles they collected helped Jaden cope with his loss. “I do believe that The Smile Experiment is helping Jaden process the loss of his mother, but it is also showing him that even one smile can make a difference. I am pretty sure that is something he already knew, but just needed to be reminded of,” she said. She included that the heartwarming mission has also helped other people through the healing process. “As far as others go, the experiment is definitely helping my mother and I cope with our loss and through Jaden we are seeing that no matter how bad you are hurting, if you can smile, for whatever reason, it will eventually start to get easier,” she said.

#thesmileexperiment #payitForward #WTOC A photo posted by Tasha Compton (@mstashers) on

If you wish to share your smiles, you too can help by using #TheSmileExperiment on social media. All the photos collected will be shown by Natasha to Jaden, to prove him a smile can go a long way.

Learn more about #TheSmileExperiment here

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