Find Out How Jerry the Bear Helps Kids with Food Allergies and Diabetes


While everyone is enjoying the sweet taste of candies and chocolates, there are kids with special needs who feel sad and left out.

An ingenious idea was introduced and its made possible with the help of Jerry the Bear.



Jerry the Bear is completely different from any ordinary toys because children can interact with it at times when they feel down or depressed.

First created at Northwestern University, this bear has three versions. The first one is designed for kids who are diabetic. The second one is for those who have allergies with food. The last one is for the children who don’t understand the importance of exercise, nutrition, and hygiene.

The first version was really a hit among kids diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In fact, kids from the different corners of the world were able to benefit from Jerry the Bear because they were able to control their blood sugars with his help.

This is what some parents have to say about the huggable stuffed toy:

“I think it’s helped . . . conceptualize what is a carb.”

“I don’t want her to feel different. You know?”

“When people come over, and . . . ask Conner questions, he goes to get Jerry.”

“He’s more than just a learning tool for her; he’s a learning tool to engage the village, the community, the kids around us.”



Regardless of what Jerry version you are taking, the perks he gives away are the same. Not only does he make the kids feel they have company, he also effectively teaches everyone the significance of taking care of oneself.



Check out these videos of Jerry the Bear.


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