This Four-Year-Old Model with Down Syndrome is an Inspiration to Us All




Four-year-old Cora Slocum has Down syndrome. However, she does not believe that she looks different from any other kids. As a matter of fact, this young girl, who has just began her modeling career recently, is now encouraging everyone, regardless of their appearances, to go back to school.



Most kids with Down syndrome are normally attending home school. This is because their parents are too scared that their kids might be bullied or teased. In order to change this perception, Cara modeled for the footwear brand Livie & Luca in their Fall 2015 campaign called #IAmGoingBackToSchoolToo.



Lots of parents were inspired by her. So, they took photos of their children with disabilities, who are going back to school, and shared them on Instagram. Here are some of the best photos:


#imGoingBackToSchoolToo #firstDayOfSchool 2015

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Hope we can count on Carter's for #disability #inclusion ads. #imgoingbacktoschooltoo #changingthefaceofbeauty

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Lucas is going back to school #imgoingbacktoschooltoo

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She suddenly looks and acts so much older! 1st grade is days away!!! #imgoingbacktoschooltoo #matildajaneclothing

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