Little Girl Breaks Military Protocol to Hug Soldier Dad Coming Home After 9 Months


Young Karas couldn’t wait for the ceremony to be finished, she broke free from her mom’s grip and ran toward her dad.

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Her soldier father was standing to attention but the little girl didn’t care about breaking the rule, Karas ran to his father excitedly.



The adorable kid in stars and stripes frock, gave her dad a quick embrace before going back to the sideline with her mom and sister Layla to cheer like the rest of the families.


After the ceremony, dad LT Daniel Ogelsby explained to Colorado Springs Gazette, “She was excited. She spotted me from a couple rows back and she couldn’t contain herself. I wasn’t gonna tell her no.”

The 300 troops of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, were deployed to Kuwait last winter and elsewhere training country’s allies.


Lieutenant Oglesby said that the past eight months that he was away was tough, but seeing his family’s faces made everything better for him.


“But once you see the look on their faces when you get back makes it worth it,” the returning soldier said.

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