This Girl Completed an Obstacle Race Designed for Navy SEALs And She’s Only 9 Years Old


You think you are tough just because you always win in arm wrestling against your friends? Well, you have to eat a full slice of humble pie because this 9-year-old girl can beat you.

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Milla Bozzotto weighs only 53 pounds, yet she completed the BattleFrog BFX24 obstacle course race. But it’s not just any other race, it’s a course devised by Navy SEALs to assess their recruit physically and psychologically. It’s a 24-hour race that includes a 26-mile sprint, 5-mile swim, and 25 difficult obstacles.


The entire race sounds cruel, even for the healthiest athletes. But Milla’s father, Christian, was all praise for his daughter who, he said, was tenacious and didn’t give up. He also raced with her.

By competing in the race, Milla wants to encourage the other children to get fit and take a stand against bullying.

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“I don’t want to play video games,” Milla said. “I don’t want to Hoverboard. I don’t want to do things to make life easier. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have one body and it’s all I want and all I love.”


Milla’s incredible performance only proves that anyone can do anything, if only they set their minds to it.

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