11-Year-Old Girl’s Lemonade Recipe Lands Her a Multimillion-Dollar Business Deal


Many adults dream of having their own business, but they don’t have any idea how to go about starting one. Here comes Mikaila Ulmer, an 11-year-old who has just accepted a multimillion-dollar business deal with Whole Foods. She is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs, and all she did was use her family’s homemade lemonade recipe.

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It began when as a four-year-old, she was stung by bees twice in one week. Little Mikaila did not become scared of the insects, instead she became interested in them. Her interest led her to research some facts about bees and learn the fact that they are important in an ecosystem. She also discovered that the bees were rapidly declining and were at risk of extinction.

That’s when she decided she wanted to do something about it. She is now a bee ambassador and owner of the Bee Sweet Lemonade business.

Mikaila used her great-grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade recipe to come up with Bee Sweet Lemonade. A portion of her profits go to local and international honeybee organizations.

When she had a lemonade stand, she would educate her customers about the state of bees. She joined youth entrepreneurial competitions to get the word out. She was given $60,000 from Shark Tank.

Bee Sweet Lemonade is sold in fifty-five Whole Food Stores across the United States, and Mikaila continues to receive attention for her business and good charities.

Mikaila shows that you can never be too young or too old to come up with a plan to help causes that are important to you. This is one inspiring pre-teen.

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