This Heroic 7-Year-Old Saved His Aunt From Drowning …This is Amazing



When we were still kids, we’ve always dreamed of what we want to become when we grow up. Some of us had dreamed of being a policeman, doctor, engineer, soldier, nurse, or firefighter. Sometimes our dreams come true, but reality is, sometimes they don’t either.

But good things always happen when dreams are paired with hard work. The kids who really pursue their dreams are most likely the ones who achieve their goals in life. So if you want to be a fireman, you have to know what the job of a fireman is, just like seven-year-old Mason Farr who saved the life of his aunt from drowning.

Jenny Mama suffered a spinal chord injury on her way down a water slide that had left her temporarily paralyzed when she hit the water. “The only thing I was thinking was how many gulps until I die,” she recalls. Her niece Mason quickly dove into the water and lifted her head, allowing her to breathe, saving her life.


His family was shocked after what he did, and the officials said that he knew the right things to do after he saw his aunt drowning.

“He knew the drill of a fireman, and he acted upon it,” the officials added.

Darrick Elliott of the Ocean City Fire Department told WLTX that he was impressed by Mason’s fast-thinking response. “He was aware of the situation around him and knew she was in distress and acted upon it and knew he had to do something.”

Most children would run and call for help for someone in that situation, but Mason didn’t. He saved the life of his aunt and proved to everyone that you don’t need to be big adult to save a life.

For his heroic act, Mason was named Fire Chief for the Day by the Ocean City Fire Department on Monday, August 17, and was given a private tour of the fire department, even getting to slide down the fireman’s pole.








Watch the video below.

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