Homework Can Be Hard …See How these Kids Find Hilarious Alternative Answers

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Homework can be a sleeping pill for students. Perhaps this is why kids are so creative when they mess up with their teachers.

Remember the days when you struggled with a Math question for your homework and you didn’t have the internet to help you out?  Well, these kids found a way to escape those tough questions—Check out the creativity!

At least, the teacher responded politely


Point taken, dude!


This child loves his country so much



This is the most informative answer ever


Kudos to this kid’s mom for reminding him


So yeah, the first cells were lo—what?


That escalated quickly!



She has the attitude, a sassy one.


Is he really wrong?


This calls for Captain Obvious!


Need you say more?


This kid took it seriously



Well, he’s right!


Did you get it?


But . . . how?


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